While testing is not the main focus of our training, testing must be taken seriously.  The procedures listed below are to help the testing candidate gain a better understanding of what is expected of them going forward



  1. Examinations are to be held quarterly in the months of February, May, August, and November, with specific dates to be posted.  Students wishing to be tested should consult with Matthews Sensei and Ricafort Sensei at least one week prior to the teting date.
  2. Be sure to have the required number of practice days before applying for examination



  1. Select a partner to help you prepare.  Your partner should be a few ranks above you
  2. Listen to your partner as they have the experience and responsibility to help you get ready. That responsibility includes being honest in telling you that you are not ready for promotion at this time.
  3. Be prepared to clearly demonstrate each technique required.
  4. Perform each technique, left and right, omote and ura, until the examiner says "stop".
  5. Expect your uke to be changed during the examination
  6. Be prepared to demonstrate ukemi appropriate for the level of the examination
  7. Expect to be re-tested within a few days to insure corrections made by examiners have been understood.



  1. Personal - non tangible criteria are also considered when testing.  Your attitude , humility, courtesy, and respect for others are considered before you even test.  We look for your spirit, aliveness, vitality, and willingness to push yourself to the edge.   It is also important that you have proper interaction when training with others. 
  2. Technical - Technical prowess is the epitome of what defines a martial artist.  During your test you need to demonstrate knowledge of how the technique works (form and principle).  You need to be proficient in working the technique.  You must have enough endurance, stamina, and conditioning in order to pull off your demonstration.  And you need to show you have appropriate ukemi skills for the level in which you are testing.