Bushinkan Dojo will have the privilege of hosting a wweekend with Steve Fasen, Godan, and Head Instructor for Shindai. Dojo.  Fasen Sensei has is also recognized by Mitsugi Saotome Shihan as one of his Ueshiba Juku, a title given only to certain teachers who have studied under Saotome Sensei.  Seminar cost is $55 per day or $100 for the entire weekend.  Please come join us no matter what your experience level.

Friday March 11 at 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Saturday March 12 at 10:00 to 12:00pm

Saturday March 12 at 3:00pm to 5:00pm

Sunday March 13 at 10:00am to 12:00pm

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