The Dojo of Nashville Martial Arts Reviews

Big thanks to Aikido at BuShinkan Dojo! My wife and I took a self defense class several weeks ago because we are traveling abroad for an extended period of time and we wanted to know the best way to defend ourselves. Well to make a long story short we used the skills we learned in this class too defend ourselves against a robbery in guatemala! The skills we learned in this class are priceless and have made a world of difference in our everyday lives! I would highly recommend this class to anyone. Weather you travel abroad or just want to feel safe in your own home town.
— Andrew Brothers

I have trained at this dojo for the last five years. The teaching and technique are as good as it gets. The people are great and fun to be around. Great kids program.
Come by and try a class.
— Bob King

I have taken martial arts (Tae Kwon Do & Shotokan) for many years. Sensei Stewart (Shotokan) is incredible. He’s extremely knowledgeable and continuously pushes me. I recommend Shotokan for anyone interested in karate and I HIGHLY recommend this Dojo to anyone looking for serious Shotokan training.
— Benjamin Crabtree

The best Aikido dojo in Nashville, state of TN, if not the USA!
— Gary Miller

My first class was wonderful! I would like to thank everyone at the class tonight!
— Timothy Black

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