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Aikido Classes are based on the teachings of its founder, Morehei Ueshiba. as taught through his direct student Mitsugi Saotome Shihan.  This dojo is led by Steve Mathews Sensei and Erwin Ricafort Sensei.  We are affiliated with Aikido Schools of Ueshiba led by Saotome Sensei.  Our fundamental classes on Monday and Thursday focus on basic movement and are a great environment from which beginning students can learn.  Our intermediate classes focus on the internal aspects of Aikido .... those things which makes Aikido so much different from other martial arts.  Intermediate classes are open to every experience level.  More about Aikido.

Adult Aikido begins at age 13 where the students are taught empty hand techniques along with use of traditional bokken (wooden sword), jo (short staff), and tanto (knife).  New students are required to attend fundamentals classes until they pass their first (6th kyu) exam or otherwise allowed by one of the instructors.  Afterwards, students may attend unlimited classes. 

Youth classes are for students between 7 and 12 years of age.   The focus for the youth class is to teach discipline through coordinated body movement; as well as learning martial technique.   They also learn fundamentals that will eventually lead to them being able to attend adult classes when they come of age.

New students are always welcome to try a couple of classes before committing to becoming a dojo member.  If you have any questions regarding Aikido please contact Janay Byrne at Janay@DojoOfNashville.com.

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